Programing for Most Common Homelink
Systems to Rolling Code Opener
  1. The first thing we are going to do is get everything in the right position.  You will need to back your car out and leave it facing the garage door.  Next we need to put a six foot ladder toward the back of your opener and locate the learn button for future reference.
  2. For the next steps you will need to find the LED indicator (1 in homelink pics) and the three homelink buttons in your vehicle. Usually they are located on the rear view mirror or driver side visor.  If homelink has not already been programed to something relative, I like to start by clearing out existing homelink programs.  Hold the two outer homelink buttons down until the LED indicator starts to flash (about 20 seconds).
  3. In the next step we are going to narrow down the frequency your homelink system is searching for.  Place your old remote facing the LED indicator. While they are facing each other simultaneously press and hold the desired homelink button and remote button until the LED flashes change pace or tempo.
  4. Now that your homelink system knows what to look for we go back to the ladder (located behind the garage door opener). Remember where the learn button is; now it is time for you to press and release the learn button (if you hold the learn button down until opener's LED indicator goes out you clear out everything already programed in opener).
  5. Now back at your vehicle you want to press and hold down the desired homelink button.  You will continue to hold homelink button until the garage door opener's light bulb flashes once; as well, the LED indicator on homelink system turn to constant.
  6. Check the desired homelink button by pressing and running the garage door.  If this page has helped, please share it with a friend. If you have any problems contact me. 
Go ahead and get your ladder ready for step four.
Get familiar with the learn button. Located on the back of the door opener
Clearing out homlink and yes 20 seconds is forever just keep holding
Narrow down the band width that homelink is looking for.
Push and immediately release learn button.(opener well not program remote while running)
Hold desired homelink button down to finish progaming.
For Late Models Vehicles With Three Indicator Lights
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Universal Garage Door Opener
This video describes how to program your universal garage door opener to replace up to three devices such as garage door and gate openers.For more information go to http://www.FordOwner.com