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Garage Door Service

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residential service rate: $60

commercial service rate: $99

24 hour emergency service rates are also available

call for details

CCM Garage Doors LLC carries a large variety of garage door parts and accessories. If you live in Albertville, Arab, Guntersville, South Huntsville, Union Grove, or surrounding areas we encourage you to call us 256-572-9170. We take service calls as top priority. CCM will get your garage door working as promptly as possible.

Stock Parts include:

  • Access equipment (remotes, keypad)
  • Cables
  • Hinges
  • Gears
  • Photo Beams
  • PC Boards
  • Struts
  • Springs
  • Sprockets
  • Whether Seals (Bottom Rubbers, side draft stops, Threshold, and Ext.)
  • Replacement Sections
  • RPM Sensor

Pricing for standard service call:

  • Replace Garage Door Springs
    • Avg. Price: $150.00
  • Replace Garage Door Opener Sprocket Sets
    • Avg. Price: $110.00
  • Service
    • Residential Doors
      • Avg. rate: $60
    • Commercial Doors
      • Avg. rate: $99
    • Boat House Doors
      • Avg. rate: $99
    • Box Truck Doors
      • Avg. rate: $99
    • Mini Warehouse Doors
      • Avg. rate: $99
    • Ext.

Avg. Rate is based on one hour.

To better understand what services we provide see garage door problems, Blog, or

contact us.

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